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Love By Decluttering | The Master Bedroom Project – Update #3

I didn’t get as much done this week because I have been dealing with a broken refrigerator. SO not fun!

I cleaned out 2 laundry baskets and 1 box of clutter.

Those 2 clutter-filled laundry baskets have spent time hanging out all around my house over this past year.

I brought them down to the kitchen and worked my way through them throughout the day. I had “help.”

Check it out!

I also spent a morning, with all 3 kids in the bedroom with me, clearing out this box:

You can see the box in the first picture with more stuff in it. I took this picture after I already started.

Here’s the recycling from that box:

And here’s what I am keeping (but not in the bedroom!):

And here’s the beautiful empty box:

Can you tell that I am getting faster at decluttering paper? I can! All of my practice this year must be paying off! It also helps that this was year-old paper clutter.

I also feel like I’m doing a better job at working on my decluttering projects with the kids around. That is good, because they are around a lot! And I love ’em! ūüôā

I am planning to meet with Mr. RSS to talk about books. This is something we need to go through together to make sure we agree on what to get rid of. We are thinking about selling many of them on half.com.

I know that I really need to ramp up and focus this week. I have a lot still to do!!

I’ll be back on Wednesday to show you the finished product! A clean and decluttered master bedroom! Woo!

And Ack! I’m feeling the pressure of the deadline!

I’m excited to be linking up with the 29 Day Organizational Challenge over at Org Junkie!


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Love by Decluttering | The Master Bedroom Project – Update #2

I’m decluttering and organizing The Master Bedroom this month as part of my Love By Decluttering project. And I’m so thankful that Laura from I’m an Organizing Junkie is doing a 29 Day Organizing Challenge this month, too!

I didn’t get as much done this week as I would have liked, but I do have some progress to show you.

Here’s a before picture. If you want to see more you can check out this post.

Here’s how it looks now.

Wow. That actually makes me feel like I got more done! But the clothes in the pile were mostly dealt with last week.

Here are some things that will be leaving the house! Yay!

Trash bags!

That seems like a lot of trash. That black bag was actually in the pile with some trash already in it. I’m sure I left it there because it wasn’t full yet, but the next time that happens I will fill it up from other rooms and get it out the door!

And here are some things to sell or donate:

There will be more of this next week for sure!

Here’s what is left in this part of the room:


What I want to avoid:¬†Moving the clutter from the bedroom to other parts of the house and just leaving it there to clutter up another area. I had to say that out loud because it’s so tempting sometimes!¬†Moving clutter from room to room will not solve my clutter problems.

The small box of yard sale leftover baby clothes are stained and/or ripped, so I’m thinking I will cut them up into rags. The rest of it I think I need to just set a 15 min. timer and make myself work through it bit by bit. I also have a laundry basket full of clean socks that I need to deal with. Too many are missing their match. And we just have too many!

Good news:

-I didn’t add to the pile this week! I put clothes either in the closet or in the dirty laundry basket. Yes!

-My friend Kristen is coming over next week to help me with a decluttering project! Not sure if we’ll work in the bedroom or somewhere else, but it’s a good thing! We made great progress the last time she came.

Have a great weekend! I’d love to hear if you have any advice or tips for me.¬†

I’ll be back next Friday with another update!

I’m excited to be linking up with the 29 Day Organizational Challenge over at Org Junkie!





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Love by Decluttering | The Master Bedroom Project – Update #1

I’m decluttering and organizing The Master Bedroom¬†this month as part of my Love By Decluttering project. And I’m so thankful that Laura from I’m an Organizing Junkie is doing a 29 Day Organizing Challenge this month, too!

I started out the project by procrastinating for several days. Great start, eh?

Then I realized that I really needed to get moving and do something. Anything. Just start.

It really helped knowing that I told all of you that I was going to do this project¬†and that there are deadlines in Org Junkie’s 29 Day Organizing Challenge. Laura is one smart lady.

So I set the timer for 15 minutes. This is something that I have learned works well for me. It’s not overwhelming. I can do something to help that room for 15 minutes.

I decided to start with the mega pile on my side of the bed.

I moved 2 laundry baskets with Anna’s clothes to her room, and I started picking up the rest of the clothes that were in the pile and putting them in one of these places:

  • Dirty laundry pile
  • In the closet (Brilliant, I know)
  • Give away or sell bag
  • A pile to go to the kids’ rooms
When the time was up, I wanted to keep going, so I reset the timer. And this is how I’ve been working over the last few days. I find a 15 min. slot and set the timer. Sometimes when it goes off I just keep working.
When you look at the before pictures of my mega clutter pile, it looks like my main problem is clothes. Not entirely. Here’s what was under the clothes:
There’s a lot of paper clutter there, mixed with a bit of other miscellaneous clutter. Not paper clutter again! Grr.
After I took this picture, I moved one already-sorted paper clutter box next to the desk (not in the bedroom), a recycle box moved outside (Yay!), and a shred box moved next to our broken shredder in the kitchen (hmm…).
As I was working, I put aside some other things that did not belong in my bedroom. Here’s a picture of some of the things I found:
The Free box is left over from our yard sale. Then we have old balloons, toys, snacks, school papers, and a small stick.

Some Analysis

I cleaned and decluttered this exact space 11 months ago. So now that I see what has piled up in that spot over the last 11 months, I can work on analyzing the situation.

What has been working in the closet area

  • Hanging up clothes on hangers. For some reason, I’m pretty good at this.
  • Organizing the clothes by type and color. I really like the look of it, which matters when you have an open closet. Also, I’ve ¬†been able to keep up with it fairly well.
  • I like those shoe racks/shelves. As long as I don’t block them with clutter, they work well.

What isn’t working? What are the problems and possible solutions?

Problem #1: Using the master bedroom to hide clutter from around the house.

Possible Solution: The only thing I can think of is get rid of all of the clutter and keep up with maintenance so that I have nothing to hide. That is a solution over time, and one that will take a while to implement. Maybe some of you have another idea to add?


Problem #2: Laundry baskets with clean laundry

Possible Solution: Keep up with putting laundry away as I do the laundry. Remind/help the kids to put away laundry. Maybe I don’t go to bed until the laundry is put away?


Problem #3: Clothes that have been worn, but aren’t actually dirty and could be worn again (e.g. sweaters or jeans). That was what most of the clothes in the pile were. Either that, or clothes I tried on, but then decided to wear something else that day. And a few of the “I’m too tired to do anything but throw these clothes in this pile as I fall into bed.”
Possible Solution: No more¬†limbo-land. I must make a choice. It’s clean or it’s dirty. Either put it away or put it in the laundry pile. I’m actually really happy with this idea! Why didn’t I think of it before?

I’ll be back next Friday with Update #2!

How are your decluttering projects going? Do you have any ideas or insights for me?

I’m excited to be linking up with the¬†29 Day Organizational Challenge¬†over at¬†Org Junkie!


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Love by Decluttering

I’ve had this happy little plan in my brain for the past month. This February I’m going to focus my decluttering efforts on places that I know will be most meaningful to my husband. The reality is that he is thrilled with any decluttering project that I do. And of course these decluttering projects are good for me, too. Good for the whole family, really.

But I have in mind some places that I know would mean a lot to him. Don’t we all have areas where the clutter just gets to us more than others? Places where a clutter-free, peaceful environment makes a bigger impact on our day? Decluttering my purse doesn’t really impact him that much. I have a little list of projects that will.

I was going to list them here, but since he likes surprises, I’m only going to tell you (and him) about one for today.

It’s a big one.

The Master Bedroom.

And to make it extra fun and motivating, I’m going to participate in a 29 day challenge that Laura over at Org Junkie is doing. ¬†The bedroom will be a month-long project. ¬†I also plan to do at least 2 other projects during the month. You will just have to wait and see what those might be.

Do you have anyone you want to show love to by decluttering? It doesn’t have to be a spouse. It could be your children, your parents, ¬†or a friend who could use some help. Just make sure that the decluttering is a welcome idea. We wouldn’t want to force decluttering on someone who doesn’t want it!

I’ll be back tomorrow to show you some before pictures for my big bedroom decluttering project!

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