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Kickstart to Clutter Free: Day 2 – Bedroom!

Okay, time to get back on track after the dreaded stomach bug hit us. Also, the bedroom was hard for me, but not because I don’t have clutter in there!

The assignment was to get rid of 25 things from the bedroom.

At first I just kept looking around and feeling like I didn’t know what I should declutter. I started by picking up some trash. Easy! But that only counts as 1 thing.

Then I tried looking at the bookshelf. Books are hard!


There are so many I: A) Want to read (I think) or B) Already read, but think I might read again. And then a bunch of them are my husband’s, so I’ll leave those for him.

I know that a lot of those books in category A I will most likely never read. There, I said it.

But here’s my brain:

But I might! What if it’s a really good book and the library doesn’t have it or I forget that I wanted to read it?

I know I just need to let go, but it might take me a little longer to get there. I did get rid of 2 books and a random DVD that was there (they just didn’t make it into the picture).

Next stop: The Closet.

I went for the easy things first. Maternity clothes – 10!

Next, I took a big leap and got rid of 11 pairs of shoes! And I really like some of these! And some are practically new!

But here’s the deal. I have a foot with issues. Up until about a year ago I was able to get away with wearing all kinds of shoes, but no more!

I have learned that I need to wear shoes with excellent support and/or custom orthotics (at least most of the time) in order to take care of my feet (which is also taking care of my knees, hips, and back).

No reason to keep all of these shoes that make my feet hurt!

decluttering shoes

Seriously. This is most of my shoes out the door. I’m finally trying to be a responsible foot owner.

Total clutter out of the bedroom: 25!

Kitchen counters are next and I am hoping to get on that before this week is done!

How about you? Have you decluttered anything from the bedroom lately? Or anywhere else? 

I’m taking Kathi Lipp’s ecourse Kickstart to Clutter Free. If you are interested in the ecourse, you can read more about my thoughts on it here.

This post contains affiliate links, so if you buy something from clicking one of those links, it helps keep things running around here. Thanks! 

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