Kickstart to Clutter Free: Day 3 – Kitchen Counters!

You know what this means for me. Kitchen Counters = My dear sweet kitchen island gets to be uncovered again.

Here’s where we started this time:

Clutter Island 2000

It could be worse, right? A little worse?

For some reason I didn’t feel as overwhelmed as I usually do by this task. That makes me happy.

By the way, those Star Wars oranges are delish. Much better than regular oranges.

I actually remembered to start the timer this time. So after 15 minutes:

papers on island

Of course. Papers! Grrrr.

I set the timer for 15 more minutes:


I recycled a bunch, and these are sorted small stacks.

I decided to go for 5 more minutes to see what I could do. I’m wild that way.

Oh! I almost forgot to show you this Easter basket that I found (yes, in the kitchen, in January).

I put all of the kids’ things that I found on the island in there for them to put away. I left that as one of their chores for the morning.

kid stuff to put away

(Not sure what the story is with this picture in the basket, but apparently there is a stolen lunchbox situation. “Hey! You took my lunchbox!” “Hands up!”)

The 2 piles behind the basket are for me and the hubby.

So here is what is left. A pile of mail and a small pile of papers for me to deal with.

Not Too Bad Island


Time for bed! It’s not perfect, but I have to get over being perfect so that I can make progress and not wait for the “perfect” time to be able to make it “perfect.”

Ack! I just realized that I forgot to count the things I decluttered this time! It was supposed to be 25 things. Things I got rid of included: trash, papers (mail, coupons, receipts, cards), and food. The rest of the items were relocated to their correct home. I just counted the papers from my recycle bag and there were 25 there, so let’s call it 30. Whew!

How are your kitchen counters doing? Getting rid of any clutter there?

I’m taking Kathi Lipp’s ecourse Kickstart to Clutter Free. If you are interested in the ecourse, you can read more about my thoughts on it here.

Next stop is the home office, whatever that means for you. Looks like I will be getting rid of more paper….

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9 Responses to Kickstart to Clutter Free: Day 3 – Kitchen Counters!

  1. Natasha

    I completely got stuck on day 2. I made lovely progress on the bedroom, which needed way more than 25 items to leave. Sadly, I feel like I can’t move on to the rest of the days until I get the bedroom all the way done. (And the part of the bedroom that was done is getting undone.) I think I might need to take your attitude that it doesn’t have to be perfect and just do something. (Oh, and how I hate paperwork! I hope there is no such thing in Heaven. Maybe no paper at all except in the form of libraries full of wonderful books!)

    • Elizabeth

      Natasha! It’s so good to hear from you! I was thinking I needed to find your email address to see how it was going for you. I TOTALLY understand about wanting to finish the bedroom. I think there are pros and cons to both. There’s a reason I didn’t post an “after” picture of my bedroom. There really wasn’t enough of a difference on that round. I need to go back and work on it more, but it did feel good to reach that goal of getting at least 25 things out of there.

      Your bedroom is going to be great! If you haven’t been using a timer, that might help. You can always catch up later. You can see I’m not moving too fast here and the class is totally self-paced, too. Please let me know how things are going! Paperless Heaven sounds great to me, too, by the way! Yes, except books! šŸ˜€

  2. Sarah

    Yay for progess! One of the most helpful things I have learned from Flylady is “progress, not perfection.” I am a perfectionist and tend to have an all or nothing mentality, which is not good for our home. I’m learning to let go of that a bit and celebrate progress. Things aren’t how I’d like them to be, but I’m making progress and getting closer. Oh, and paper (other than books) is terrible for me, too. I throw out junk mail immediately, but so many other papers are more challenging. Ugh! Great job on your island!

  3. Kimberly

    Those Star Wars oranges must have given you extra energy to keep adding to your timer! yay!

  4. Abigail

    Well done! Perfectionism is the enemy and seems to be the root of a great deal of procrastination. I love seeing you overcome it by taking time hops of progress.

  5. Sibylle

    I don’t mean to be a pain, and I understand this whole ‘self-paced’ thing, but you’ve got loyal readers who are biting their toenails in anticipation – what happened on Day 4?

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