Week 5: The 365 Declutter Challenge – The Purple Coat

It’s time to give updates on week 5 of The 365 Declutter Challenge!

It was kind of a tough week for me. Maybe I can blame some of that on my cold, but maybe it was just me having a hard time making decisions and saying goodbye to things.

I spent way too much time wandering around my house with the vague idea that I needed to find things to get rid of, but having trouble picking anything.  But I persevered, mostly thanks to the fact that I knew I had to get this blog post up. Thanks so much for helping to keep me accountable!

Here’s what I ended up with:

decluttering the purple coat

  • A purple coat. This coat was passed on to me maybe 2-3 years ago. It’s a nice warm coat and I kept it to use as a “backup” coat that I might use when it’s really cold. Well, it’s been really cold and I haven’t been wearing it. Why am I holding onto a perfectly nice warm coat just to have as a backup? Someone else might be so thankful to have this coat to keep them warm every day! Giving this coat away makes me happy.
  • A T-shirt and some pants that Mr. RSS picked out to send out the door. (For those of you who are new around here, “Mr. RSS” is my husband’s nickname here on the blog, short for “Mr. Ready Set Simplify”)
  • Some old baby medicines. Most of them expired in 2007 or 2009. I counted these as 4 because there were 4 different types of medicines.
  • Cell phone chargers – 1 broken and 2 very old. I counted these as 2 instead of 3 since 2 of them were identical.
  • A rocking horse (see picture below). This guy has been hanging out on this chair in the basement for too long. Time for him to get out and get some exercise! It turned out our church’s nursery really needed something like this. Perfect!

Rocking Horse on a cluttered chair

That made 10 things for me for week 5:

Counting clutter - 10 more things!

How was your week? 

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19 Responses to Week 5: The 365 Declutter Challenge – The Purple Coat

  1. Excellent! Don’t you love it when your clutter is something someone else really needs???

  2. Great post! That gives me a couple ideas for my blog as well. I’m pretty sure I’ve got 2 old cell phones lying around somewhere…
    Keep it up! I always look forward to your weekly updates 🙂

  3. I have a few clothes of my daughter’s that I think might fit our previous foster daughter, so I think I’ll give them to her. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Elizabeth

      That’s great, Katy! It sounds like you are still in contact with her even though she isn’t in your care. That’s wonderful.

  4. Sher

    we had that same rocking horse when my big kids (18/21) were little…that photo brought back memories <3
    This week I have stocked up 4 garbage bags so far to donate by this weekend. I have one large box to take to work with toys & books to take to work for the staff who have small children!

    • Elizabeth

      NICE Sher! That’s awesome!!!

      • Sher

        Thanks! 🙂 I tend to go in spurts and when I have a couple days off work in a row I really get a lot accomplished at home lol
        I was really inspired a couple weeks ago because I was trying to put away my christmas bins and ended up cleaning in the garage, and selling stuff on craigslist!! woohoo!!

  5. You did great this week! I’m always amazed at what I can find to send out when I’m doing that wander through the house thing (I often find myself doing that the morning when a donation pick up truck is supposed to be arriving and I’ve completely forgotten until the night before). It always feels better when we are giving away things we know will help others.

    • Elizabeth

      Thanks, Jean! I’m guessing there is more wandering to come, but I think I do better when I’m a little more focused. Either way, getting stuff out the door is good!

  6. Melissa

    You’re doing great, those X’s are a nice visual! I took 4 bags of winter boy clothes to the local consignment store. The great thing is she’ll hold them until next winter to put out again : ) I must confess though that knowing my sister will be here in 2 weeks to help me get the house in shape before the baby comes has slowed me down quite a bit ( plus I’m 34 wks and achy and exhausted ; p )

    • Elizabeth

      I love the visual of the counting sheet even more than I thought I would! Great job on the bags of clothes! And helping sisters are awesome, too! You are allowed to slow down. Growing another human is hard work!! 🙂

  7. Stephanie

    I am WAY behind on commenting. I love getting rid of things that other people can use, and good for you for getting rid of a perfectly good coat that you don’t need! It is sometimes hard for me to get rid of nicer things.

    This week was great for me. I was super motivated and tackled lots of small organizing projects:
    ~ guest bath cabinets: three new loofahs (we never use loofahs)
    ~ living room end table drawer and basket: 1 good stack of paper, a stack of magazines, a picture frame, and an exercise DVD. I now have an empty drawer and basket!
    ~ office/junk room closet: 2 flags, 2 throw blankets, and 4 sets of sheets (the linens alone filled up a garbage bag…so glad to get rid of that bulk! I still have lots to do in this closet, though. that was kind of a quick purge)
    ~ office/junk room: 1 book, 1 “booger snatcher” (also lots to do here. I tried to take inspiration from you and get rid of lots of books but I am not ready for that advanced stage of purging) 🙂
    ~miscellaneous: 1 candle, 1 shirt

    and, then, I got sick…next week was not nearly as good…

  8. Good for you for finding ten things on a “wandering week”. It’s harder when you don’t seem to find those little pockets of things waiting to be gone through.
    I gave away a coat, too! Last winter on my birthday I bought a new, knee-length coat, for a nice discount as it was my birthday. However, I found that I never wanted to wear it. I’d had it over a year and only worn it twice, not enjoying it either time. So I decided that, new or not, it had to go! It’s still in the house because I gave it to my stepdaughter (who’s currently living here), but it’s not mine anymore, and will go when she does. She loves it, and has already worn it about three times more than I did!

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