Week 2: The 365 Declutter Challenge – The clothes didn’t fit in the drawer

Time for the Week 2 update! If you want to catch up on what I’m doing in this challenge, check out these previous posts:

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I have a fairly simple update for you today. The inspiration for this week’s decluttering was my son’s shirt drawer. As he was putting away his clean clothes, he said, “Mommy, I can’t put these away, they won’t fit in my drawer.” 

Instead of telling him to just put them somewhere else for now, we took action and I said, “I’m sure you have some shirts that don’t fit you anymore or that you just don’t like to wear that much. Let’s get rid of those until we have enough room for you to be able to easily close this drawer.”

It didn’t dawn on me until now that I should have taken a before and after picture of the drawer. Oh well. We ended up getting rid of 6 shirts and a random pair of underwear that fit him 3 years ago. On a different day, we discovered a pair of pants that were too small. That’s 8 things heading out the door! The pile on the right is going to his cousin, and the pile on the left is off to Goodwill.

boy clothes to give away

Working towards that 365 goal…

week 2 decluttering update

What have you been decluttering? Inspire me!

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23 Responses to Week 2: The 365 Declutter Challenge – The clothes didn’t fit in the drawer

  1. Josine

    Isn’t it great to see how you create room, in your case in a drawer? I organized my bathroom cabinets yesterday. I didn’t find big clutter, but a lot of small things. Now we can actually find things when we open the doors, instead of having to be careful to prevent things from falling on your head… We also had a bag of cloths coming into our house yesterday, but half of them I needed; my 10-year old had hardly any pair of pants without holes. Saves me a trip to a shop and a lot of money.

  2. Yay! Good for you, girl. Keep it up!

  3. Sarah Godwin

    On my porch right now sits a mass of stuff for the Vietnam Veterans Association–one double stroller and three big bags containing several articles of clothing, a pair of shoes, random toys, and a potty chair, among other things. The back of my van contains several things that are going to friends at church–a bag of boy’s clothing, a Fisher Price Little People barn and animals, all of our Thomas the Train books, toys, and DVDs, a bag of my clothes, a toddler swing, two floor puzzles, and 3 tray puzzles. Yes, this is huge progress, though looking around I still see way too much stuff in the house. My goal is to get rid of at least 365 items prior to moving this summer. My kids have agreed to get rid of the train table and all the wooden tracks. Wow! I am so proud of them! Thanks for your inspiration.

  4. ChrisCloen

    We are headed south and are keeping a running total of clothes discarded from our Travel and Trash wardrobe. Our total as of last night is 60. It also means we are down one bag.

  5. RLMaxx

    Don’t mean to be nosy but could I suggest NOT to donate to Goodwill? One reason I am feeling so personal about this organization is this article (http://www.forbes.com/sites/susanadams/2013/07/30/does-goodwill-industries-exploit-disabled-workers/). Would you please consider other non-profit organization that aims for helping the community instead? Salvation Army is a great one. Thanks for listening.

  6. Farm Girl

    Need encouragement???
    Plumbers are due today to fix a bathroom faucet leak so, to not be totally mortified, I decided to check the cabinet under the sink. Oh, dear! Good thing I checked last night as it took some time to be able to see the pipes. Have to say, in self defense, it is not MY bathroom, but you are not yet invited to look at mine…. Two kitchen size trash bags later, it is somewhat respectable. I found three generations of hair dryers and hair curlers. Can’t imagine how these items got into his bathroom 🙂

  7. We’ve been getting rid of things too. In fact we’re trying to sell some stuff at a consignment store for the first time. We took one box of miscellaneous electronics and some toys and also a stand alone coat rack. If we make any money off of it I’ll probably write a blog post.

  8. I´ve cleaned out our “christmas closet”, you know, where we put all the stuff we didn´t know where to put when we cleaned our house before christmas… 1 box and 1 bag was trash and 1 big bag is for our local “goodwill”. I cleaned that place in november, and didn´t like to put all that stuff in there before christmas, but at least I´m happy now when it´s been cleaned again.

    My daughter have the same issue with her drawer, I try to help her give away some clothes but it´s difficult because she LOVES her clothes (5 years old). Everything fit´s her, if something is to small I can make her donate it, but otherwise it´s pretty hard. But I´ll keep trying 🙂

    Thank you for inspiration.

  9. Elizabeth

    Great job on your closet, Cattis! Oh I know some girls do LOVE their clothes. 🙂

  10. WilliamB

    That’s a terrific way to get the job done.

  11. WilliamB

    ‘Tis great to see you back!

  12. Such a fun and exciting project! Excited to watch your progress as I blog about my own.

  13. Stephanie

    How awesome that, for the two weeks you have been doing this, you have also been able to clean out a space, too! The first week, it was your pots and pans cabinet and this week, it’s your son’s dresser drawer! That is great! In fact, the concept of “just do it now” has really resonated with me and is helping me get things organized quicker. Too often, I am hesitant to clean out just one cabinet or drawer because I feel like I have to have time to do them all, but I am learning you can get so much done if you just address a small problem right when you encounter it. Things usually don’t take nearly as long to execute as I think they will, so I am trying to just do it!

    Last week, my whole family got sick, so things were slow, but I did get rid of several things, and next week is going to be major (I know this because “next week” has already started…read: this comment is very late). Last week, I started preparing for something big: I am taking loads of stuff to a local kids consignment exchange. My twins will be two in February, and since their showers, I have been collecting things in my attic that we did not have time to return or never used so I could take them to the sale. This week, my husband and I took down all the boxes from the attic (yay for me for keeping it all together and organized…that’s half the battle), and I had our sitter who is expecting her first child go through and take anything she wanted (which means less tagging and preparing for me…win win). She took an estimated 25-35 items (I didn’t want to count them in front of her), but it felt great to get them out the door, especially because at that time, I was unsure if I would be able to get everything prepared in time for the sale since we were sick. On the downside, these were items that had been stored in my attic so it didn’t free any space in our living area. On the upside, those are items that we will not have to move later in the year! I am looking forward to sharing our progress next week (I may or may not be heading off to deliver fully prepared items to consignment later today!). 🙂

    • Elizabeth

      YAY Stephanie! That’s great! I am so with you on learning that doing 1 drawer or cabinet here or there IS helping, even though it’s not that “big/perfectly done” project that we really want to do but can’t handle in that moment. And you got rid of lots of stuff! Your sitter must be thrilled! I hope the sale works out well, too. 🙂

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