Week 1: The 365 Declutter Challenge – Easy Bake Oven!

So, I decided to get rid of 365 things in 2014. Oh! And I decided on a name for the project: The 365 Declutter Challenge!

Here’s what’s leaving from week 1:

week 1 decluttering

The goal is 7 things each week. This week I have gone to 11!!

What’s Heading out the door?

  • An Easy Bake Oven!!! I always wanted one of these as a kid and I never had one. (Boo hoo.) So when I had the chance to get one for free from someone at church, of course I jumped on it! How cool! And we had so much fun with it…about 3 times. And then I realized that this thing is a lot of work to make 1 teeny tiny little itsy bitsy cake. Wouldn’t it be more fun to just use the real oven and make a big cake?Β Then I just went ahead and left that Easy Bake Oven in my kitchen cabinet for about… 4 years. Until now! This one is sneaking out the door. And now I have more space in that cabinet!
  • 7 miscellaneous small toys – the kids helped with these. The (off brand) “Mega Bloks” are from a set we already gave away.
  • The stuffed dog. The dog was a sweet gift. And it looks just like our old dog who died. Which is why this thing has creeped out the adults in this house too many times. It looks too real when you just catch a glimpse of it from the corner of your eye. And it’s watching you. You’ll just have to trust me on this one. I didn’t tell the kids I was getting rid of it, but they don’t play with it anymore. I’m sneaking it out. Here’s a picture of our real Snugs. She was the best dog!

Chillin' on the dock

  • 2 pots – One has a coating that is peeling badly and I’m not interested in eating that stuff with my food, the other one I just don’t use. Here’s a before and after of that space:

decluttering pots and pans


How I’m keeping track of my progress

I found this great super-easy chart for tracking decluttering from Nourishing Minimalism. She is doing a 2014 in 2014 Decluttering Challenge, which is so awesome but a little too overwhelming for me right now. You just have to subscribe to her mailing list to get the printable chart for free. Of course you can make your own or keep track in other ways, too. But this was perfect for me. I put a red border around the 365 box so that I can see my goal a little better, but I’m hoping to go past it and I think 2014 things is a great stretch goal for me.

Keeping track of decluttering thanks to Nourishing Minimalism

Β So how is your decluttering going? I would love to hear about it in the comments! It’s not too late to join me on this challenge!

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22 Responses to Week 1: The 365 Declutter Challenge – Easy Bake Oven!

  1. That is AWESOME that you got rid of some big stuff….that’ll make a noticeable difference in your daily life, you know? A lot of bang for your decluttering buck.

    So excited to see your progress through the year.

  2. Sarah Godwin

    Yay! You inspire me. I won’t be as good about posting, but I am working on decluttering (always) and striving for at least one item per day this year. I managed to let go of seven clothing items, a couple of random small toys, and some Christmas decorations. I won’t count all the small things that went into the trash and recycle bins. Go me! You really have me thinking about the space that is wasted on the Easy Bake oven and accessories. Ugh! Very similar circumstance there.

  3. ChrisCloen

    We are at 28 as of this morning. Most of ours have been clothes that are past their prime. Just one question, since one item of new clothing came in, should I say 27?

    • Elizabeth

      28 is awesome!!! That’s a good question about things coming in. I don’t think I’m going to bother with subtracting things that come in for 2 reasons:

      1. We don’t have a huge problem with shopping or bringing lots of new things into the house, it’s more a problem of not getting rid of things.
      2. It would make it too complicated for me, and not as fun. πŸ™‚
      But anyone who wants to (or thinks they should) add this rule should go for it, of course!

      For sure we should all have more things going out than in. I know I don’t want to end up in Jan. 2015 feeling like I have the same amount of stuff in this house as I do now.

  4. Abigail

    Wow! You are off to an awesome start! I’m really impressed by some of your choices. The dog and oven would be tough ones for me. I think it’s smart to involve the kids in certain things but sneak out others.

    I am inspired!

    • Elizabeth

      Thanks, Abigail! I did hold onto the dog for 2-3 years and the oven for over 4 years – with most of that time not being used. It was time for them to move on to new homes. πŸ™‚

  5. I try to declutter small things a few times a week like yesterday I did our bathroom cabinet downstairs and earlier this week I did the cabinet upstairs. Small steps, my goodwillbag is getting fuller for each day…

  6. Yeah, I thought that dog was real at first! lol

  7. Stephanie

    So how about not only did you get rid of all that stuff, but you also organized the pots and pans while you were at it! Awesome!

    So, I think I am going to have trouble with the counting (and, I didn’t know until tonight that I was going to accept this challenge), so I am going to be general with my update. For week 1, I also purged pans…four of ’em to be exact. They were all worn out, and I got replacement ones for Christmas. I purged several things from my twin girls’ room to make space for all the Christmas gifts (how blessed we are!): I purged many clothes, shoes, and toys. And, like you, while I was at it, I organized everything, too! I purged a few Christmas decorations while we were putting them away. I also went through the cabinets and drawers in our master bath and purged two grocery bags full of things (and organized, as well). Finally, I went through some kids’ clothes that were handed down to us and purged those we do not want or need. I must confess that I was able to get all this done only because I was on vacation from my full time job for part of the week. My productivity will slow down significantly as work picks back up and the vacation wears off. πŸ˜‰

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with next week!

    • Stephanie

      It just occurred to me that unfortunately, much of my purging did not result in a net loss…most of the things I purged were replaced with new stuff coming in, so I broke even, at best. πŸ™ This means I am going to have to be ruthless in upcoming weeks. πŸ™‚

      • Elizabeth

        Thanks for the encouragement and for posting your update! I say if you want to count (I think it’s fun/motivating in a challenge like this), keep it simple!! In a previous commment I answered a question about the counting and new stuff coming in (see my response to ChrisCloen). Basically, I’m just counting what’s going out the door. If you want to estimate numbers, I’m good with that, too. πŸ™‚ Or count the bags/boxes of stuff! You are doing great!

  8. What a great start! At first glance, I thought you were getting rid of a real dog with all the other things…it DOES look real. I still love this idea…I think I’ll try to find at least 7 things to declutter today as I’m picking up around here. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Elizabeth

      Thanks, Jean! I’m just glad that dog wasn’t one that moved or made noises. Woohoo! 7 things in a day! I need to go searching for stuff to get rid of myself!

  9. I saw your first post on this a while back and was inspired to declutter a bit. I don’t know how much I will end up getting rid of, but I have started the process. On New Year’s day I got rid of a buch of tiny clutter in one drawer, and an old course catalog (that I don’t even really know why I kept). Then last week I boxed up 4 academic journals to send to a friend to use for a class she’s teaching, and a gift that I have been holding onto for another friend for when I see her next (problem is I haven’t seen her in over a year, so I’m just going to send it to her instead) Those are going to be sent out today. So, it’s not much, but it’s something, and hopefully I can just continue little by little.

    • Elizabeth

      That sounds great, Melissa! It sounds like more than 7 things so far, too! It feels so good to get those things that need to go to other people out and where they need to go, too! I have some of that here, too!

  10. Lyn

    I’ve nominated you for an ABC Award AND a Sunshine Award. For details, see here: https://lynthelazy.wordpress.com/2014/01/11/awesome-blog-content-award/

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