The Big Toy Purge | Part 2 Slow Progress

We are working on a big toy purge around here. You can read Part 1 here if you missed it.

We gathered more toys from the basement and carried them up in a big bin.

And here we are with more sorting…

I also brought up these lovely black trash bags full of toys, trash, and miscellaneous items. These are more than a year old.

Some of them are from a method I tried:  “If you don’t pick up your toys then I’ll just put them away in this black bag/throw them away/give them away to someone who will take care of them.”

I do not recommend this method, by the way. It didn’t work well for us. What I really needed to do instead was teach my kids how to clean up their toys. 

Other bags are from a “Someone is coming over! I don’t have time to clean this up! I’ll just throw everything in this black bag and sort through it later – right after they leave!”

Yeah, right. Or 2 years later.

Instead of dumping out the bags, I just had the kids dig through and pull out anything they thought they might want to keep. We also pulled out pieces and parts that went with other toys we like and play with.

Some things went to trash/recycling and we are down to one bag that I need to go through again myself. Most of this should be going bye-bye.

And here are some of the sorted toys:

I’m really hoping to make some good progress this week. I would love to see more things going out the door. I want some visual impact!

I’m actually really ready for this project to be over. But I know it takes work to get there!

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14 Responses to The Big Toy Purge | Part 2 Slow Progress

  1. Looks like good progress. Keep it up! The two failed methods you mentioned have not worked for me either. Purging, and make a place for everything, with definite boundaries set for it all are working much better. It’s hard! but oh-so-worth it in the end.

    • Elizabeth

      Yes!! Well said!

    • Tiffany C.

      The “set a definite boundary” works well for us too. “This” is how much space we have for toys, if it doesn’t fit, it can’t stay. Or it goes into the “switch up” box. Rotate some new toys in and, others out, occasionally. Slow and steady wins the race Elizabeth! You are making a life long change, I think you are doing great!

      • Elizabeth

        Thanks, Tiffany! You are so encouraging! And I just might do a little of the switch up/rotation thing myself. I just have to make sure it is limited. I’m sure there will be some new toys to deal with in December!

  2. WilliamB

    Way to keep up the good work! It’s a slog but rather than think about the negatives, try focusing on the positives. Your kids will learn how to keep organized and tidy, your house will be easier to maintain, other kids will benefit from the toys you give away.

    Now be sure you go through that bag this week – momentum is a great motivator.

  3. Toys! You are doing wonderful. When my kids were young this was the one area that drove me nuts. What they had I wanted perfectly organized, but children play with things and don’t get them back the way an adult would. I could always tell myself that this toy was educational, or offered a different form of play than another when I tried to decutter the toys. I was secretly thrilled when they were a little older and the toys quickly started to find new homes due to being outgrown.

  4. I had the best success ever this week. A neighbor offered us their old air hockey table. I said only if they cleared the basement of all the unused toys, because otherwise they would have no room for it. Two huge boxes and one Thomas-train-table later and we have an empty basement! Well except for the air hockey table lol. Now the issue is they brought up a couple bins of miscellany they wanted to keep and dropped it in the middle of the family room floor. Ugh. It’s like the mess just moves from room to room.

    • Elizabeth

      That’s awesome! Great motivation. You take care of those bins and I’ll take care of my last black bag – Deal?

  5. Love the update! Keep plugging away. It will feel SO good at the end!

  6. I’ve BTDT with the trashbags and the toys! I’m hoping we don’t have any more lurking in our basement. You are making great progress on your project! I bet it feels great to have those bags gone.

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