The Big Toy Purge | Part 1

Toys are fun, aren’t they?

But when they take over your whole entire house, they are less fun.

I think when there are too many toys and they are disorganized and spread out all over and who-knows-where, kids just get overwhelmed and the toys actually don’t get played with as much.

However, if you walked into my house, you wouldn’t guess that this was my thinking.

It’s time for action.

The Cleaning Fairy has arrived. This cleaning fairy puts everyone to work!

The only way I can get my head around a project like this is to get all of the toys together in one room. Not everyone would agree with this method, but here’s why I like it:

-We can see exactly how many toys we have

-We can see if we actually have all of the parts and pieces for each toy

-We can see how many of each category of toy we have (dolls, stuffed animals, cars)

Once we have everything in one place, we categorize and sort into various containers just so that we can really see what’s there. This is where we are right now with this project.

Here’s the start of toy sorting:

We have gathered many of the toys from around the house, but we still need to do another round of gathering and sorting this week.

After that, I think we will get rid of the easy stuff: Broken toys and things no one cares about or plays with anymore.

Then comes  the harder part: Choosing favorites to keep, making sure we have reasonable space for the toys we want to keep, getting rid of the rest.

It’s a good thing I’m telling you all about this, because now I know I need to come through with some good after pictures! Keep an eye out for Part 2, coming soon to a blog near you.

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14 Responses to The Big Toy Purge | Part 1

  1. Kathlynn

    Love this post! It’s interesting, entertaining, informative and motivating. Can’t wait to see Part 2 – Happy sorting!

  2. Tiffany C.

    I can’t wait to see! Lookin’ good so far! I love the cleaning fairy! Great idea

  3. EB UK

    Oh no! The cartoon ‘Toy Story’ has ruined me for life on this. Now all I can think of is Woody, Buzz, Mr Potatohead and others gathered waiting to see which of their broken friends will be taken to the great black bag of doom 🙁

    • Elizabeth

      I know! Wasn’t that awful? We can’t think about that, you know. It’s just pretend. 🙂

      I’m glad that even though my kids did see that movie, it didn’t seem to impact them the way I was worried it might.

      We’ll see how it goes as we get deeper into the project.

  4. WilliamB

    A family I knew moved to a smaller place. They gave each child some amount of pennies (50? 100?). Each child could buy a toy for a penny, any unbought toys were donated.

    FYI books were not included in this exchange. My suspicion is that my friends didn’t want to deal with the juvenile charges of hypocricy that would inevitably arise: my friends owned about 6000 books. (Count the books in your house to see how damn many that really is.)

    • Elizabeth

      Great idea. Wow. 6,000 books is insane, and I think we have a lot of books.

      By the way, I am not doing books or boxed games in this purge. I’ll save those for another day.

      • WilliamB

        6000 is a ~huge~ amount. I’m considered to have a lot of books, about 10 bookcases worth. After talking with these friends I counted my books. My allegedly large collection is only about 2000.

  5. Wait, your kids don’t love ALL their toys including the broken ones? I think I need to find a cleaning fairy for around here.

  6. Great Job! Having a plan of attack, and following through gets the job done. I like the way you systematically worked through things. I agree, getting it all in one place really helps tackle the whole thing, and in the long run brings about better success. Looking forward to seeing the ‘After’ post!

  7. I love your cleaning fairy costume.

  8. I have been trying to stay offline more and just saw your new banner. It’s really nice!

    Great work already with the toys too. Looking forward to part 2!

  9. We do this too, a couple times a year. I totally agree that the kiddos get overwhelmed and play less with their things when they have too many. My friends think I’m nuts lol so I’m glad there are others who see that!

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