The entryway closet: A new solution for shoes | Before and After

I am so excited to show you the progress I made in my entryway over the last couple of days! I picked up a shoe organizer from someone on Freecycle hoping I could use it in the entryway coat closet, and I am thrilled with how it’s working out so far. Of course, I couldn’t declutter and organize the closet without also working on the space around it. I went a little picture crazy on this one, so hang in there!

Here’s the before picture of the entryway area:

Yes, that picture was taken just a couple of days ago. Yes, it’s July. Yes, those are Christmas hats and winter coats.

Here’s a closer look in the bottom of the closet:

The last time I worked on the entryway, these bins were my solution to the shoe problem. I knew they weren’t perfect, but they were an improvement. Keep reading for my new and improved shoe solution…

A before of the whole closet:

Time to get started!

I took everything out from the bottom shelf down. Part of my grand plan was to actually remove the bottom shelf. Here’s some of the closet stuff:

Next, I vacuumed the closet. At this point I wondered if I could just move into the closet. You know, live in there. It’s so calm and peaceful in there. It was a nice thought.

So I had 6 coats and jackets there (one is not shown in this picture):

Mr. RSS had 11 coats and jackets in that closet. The irony of this is that I am always cold and he is always hot. I wear coats and jackets all the time (sometimes even inside the house), and he hardly ever needs one. Go figure.

I am getting rid of one of my coats and I moved one up to my closet upstairs. Mr. RSS is getting rid of some of his coats/jackets also. For now, I moved 4 of my coats and 5 of his back into the closet.

Here are some things that moved upstairs at least for the summer.

And here are some of the things that are going out the door:

I removed this add-on shelf:

Are you ready to see my new solution for our shoes? Here it is!

In case you are wondering, the lady who gave it to me (through Freecycle) said she got it at Target. I don’t even think she used it at all. Score!

This makes it SO much easier to grab our shoes and put them away. We each have 2 slots.

And now I actually have a place to keep my vacuum so that it’s not just sitting out wherever we used it last. A place for everything, and everything in it’s place, right? We’re getting there.

And now I present the organized entryway….



I can close the door to the closet now!





And finally a view from the stairs…



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16 Responses to The entryway closet: A new solution for shoes | Before and After

  1. Yaz

    Wow! Great transformation! Freecycle is such a great idea.

  2. Meg

    That is MARVELOUS!! Good for you!

  3. Susan

    I don’t think shoes, games, bicycle helmets belong in a hall closet. Some families have a shoe “bench” near their back door or in their garage. Shoes kept in your shoe bench should be everyday shoes/flip flops, not high heels (those should be in your closet). Your hall closet is small and coats should take up the whole area (maybe a container for hats, mittens etc. Games should be in the kid’s closet or on a shelf in the family room. A bicycle helmet belongs in the garage… either on a shelf or simply hanging right on the bike handle bars.

    • Elizabeth

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas, Susan. I agree that bicycle helmets would be better in a garage, however we don’t have one. I love those shoe benches, but we don’t have the space for one right now (Who knows? Maybe things could change with more decluttering?). I keep the games in that closet because it is the nearest storage space to where we usually play. As for shoe choice, I simply chose the 2 pairs of shoes I wear most often. I think organizing and decisions about use of space can really vary based on the space and the needs of each individual/family. I may be a bit unconventional, but I’m trying to do what will work best for us. I’m always learning, though!

  4. Oh! That is super-fantastic, Elizabeth! YAYYYY!

  5. kimberly

    Wowzers!! WTG!

  6. Natasha

    Wow! What a transformation! I hope you can keep it up! That’s where I always fall short! You inspire me!

  7. Well done, and really inspiring! It look like a different house! 🙂

  8. Great work!

    It reminds me, I was working on our hallway closet too… except that I left it half-done and then forgot about it! Thanks for the inspirations!

  9. WilliamB

    She’s back. Hurrah!

    Ahhh … doesn’t that make you feel good? It should, you know.

    So, er, have you thought about how to make that space work in the winter? When there will be school backpacks, boots, and heavy coats? While I’m being nosey, I guess that means its time to ask about your kitchen island.

    • Elizabeth

      It does feel good! It feels like I’m getting back to the core of my blog.

      So I have thought about winter, although I don’t know that I have a fabulous solution. My thought is that I will rotate the summer stuff back upstairs and bring down the winter stuff.

      Of course the problem is that there is so much more winter stuff, and it is so bulky. My thought right now is that I’ll just have to deal with it for a few months, but I’m open to any grand ideas. Anyone? I’m sort of hoping a grand idea will come to me along with winter…

      Kitchen island report – It’s not been marvelous there lately, although last week I had it all cleared off. This week, not so…but maybe today?

  10. WilliamB

    I have a couple ideas, one which will work but may not be practical, one which may or may not work.

    The one which will work if it’s practical, is to have less winter gear. Say, one pair boots, one pair shoes, one heavy coat, one lighter coat/raincoat. But I don’t know if that works with your life.

    The one which might not work is to put a few hooks inside the closet door. The door has to be able to close, though. OTOH… it didn’t close before. Maybe ajar and organized is better than ajar and not organized?

    Finally, I don’t think you’re going to want to put wet, muddy or snowy boots in the shoe holder. So one: you need to figure out another place for them (I like boot trays like the Container Store or REI sell) and two: this will free up some shoe spaces. I recommend using these free spaces for hats/gloves/scarves.

    • Elizabeth

      -Less winter gear – Yes, I agree, but with 5 of us it will still use up the space very quickly
      -Hooks – We’ve tried and they won’t stay in that cheap hollow door. But I’m wondering about one of those over-the-door plastic shoe organizers with clear pockets for some things
      -So true about the muddy/snowy boots! They wouldn’t even fit. We will need to figure this one out.

      • We are renters here, so we use those 3M hooks and they hold up pretty well (4 years now) and do remove clean (from previous move experience). We have 2 on the inside of our entry closet right around the height of the door knob – just so the kids can get their own jackets. Just another option for you to consider.

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