Our Summer Bucket List

Hooray for summer! Here’s a list I put together of some things we want to do before summer is over. I asked everyone in the family to give ideas.

Go to the beach

Make a sandcastle

Swim in a creek, river, lake, and pool

Picnic at the park

Make smoothies

Make homemade popsicles (with the molds I just picked up from Freecycle!)

Plant some veggies and herbs with the kids

Library time, with special events and the Summer Reading Club

Make summer journals

Lots of grilling: burgers, hot dogs, chicken, veggies, pizza…

Run through the sprinkler

Declutter something every week (How did this get in here?!)

Make s’mores

Go on a road trip

Spend time with family and friends

Make a summer activity jar

Visit a museum, farm, and/or zoo

Participate in Vacation Bible School

Go fishing

Go to the farmer’s market

Make lemonade

Go to a free concert in the park

Stay on top of free family events around town

What are some activities you are planning for the summer?

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6 Responses to Our Summer Bucket List

  1. Now that looks like a fun and busy summer!

    What is a summer journal? Is that an ongoing project or something you do a the end of the summer?

    • Elizabeth

      The journals would be ongoing, although I haven’t started them yet! I’m thinking Ella(8) and Gabe(6) can write and draw about summer activities and current interests, and Anna(2) can just draw/scribble. I should get a new journal going myself!

  2. That is a good list! We’ve done several of those things already! Have fun!

    • Elizabeth

      Thanks, Sherry! I’m surprised at how quickly we are working our way through the list. We made smoothie popsicles today! Have a great summer!

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  4. What a fabulous idea to photograph each activity as you are cross it off your list!

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