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A new feature I’m starting here on Ready Set Simplify:  Guest Posts and Reader Pictures! I asked what you all thought about this idea on my Facebook page a week or so ago, and everyone seemed to like it, so we are giving it a try! If you are interested in writing a guest post or if you just want to share some before and after pictures to help inspire all of us, click the contact tab and send me an email telling me a little about it. I’ll let you know if I think it will be a good fit to share here.

Here’s our first guest post by Katy, from Purposely Frugal. I read Katy’s blog regularly and enjoy her frugal ideas! Frugality and simplicity go together, I think. She also writes about small space living. You might enjoy this tour of her home.


I’ve been doing some sorting and organizing around our little travel trailer home. I usually just do one spot a week. I wanted to show all of you some of the results, because I love seeing how other people organize and thought you might too!

Here’s the cupboard under our TV where we keep office supply and craft type stuff.

As you can see it was in need of some help! I worked on it a little one night but didn’t finish it.
When I finally got around to working on it again, it looked like this….

…so yeah, not much better than before. 🙁

This time I finished it though!

One of the things I did to try and be more organized was to make use of the many empty folders I found. I’m hoping this helps cut down on the papers that seem to always be sitting around the house, just getting moved from one shelf to another. I made one for my daughter’s drawings, one for old letters I want to hang onto, one for loose coloring pages, and  one for e-books that I’ve printed out. Now I just need to be faithful in putting papers away in their designated folder!

How do you organize your office and/or craft supplies?

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