4 Things I’ve Learned and My New Cleaning Schedule

4 things I’ve learned in the past year:

1. Maintenance is key

2. Planning is important

3. Cleaning and decluttering go hand-in-hand (I didn’t want to admit that for a long time!)

4. Accountability is very helpful

My first real attempt at a cleaning schedule was about a year ago. And I think it was a good start. I also posted a couple of updates here and here. I have been meaning to revise it for quite a while and just haven’t been able to figure out the best way to organize it.

So I started searching around for what was already out there. I actually tried someone else’s cleaning schedule a couple of years ago and it just didn’t work for me at all, but what I found this time is very exciting because it is customizable! These downloadable forms are from Money Saving Mom, which happens to be one of my favorite blogs, too!

Here is the link to all of Crystal’s Household Management Forms.

The one I am using here is this one: Customizable Cleaning Lists.

And here it is with my personal customizations (you can also see Crystal’s personal cleaning lists filled out here):

I want to get back to using my timer for those 15 min. cleaning/decluttering sessions. The days of the week on the right side help me know where to focus that day, so that nothing gets ignored for too long (assuming I follow the plan).

And here’s the second page, which covers monthly/semi-annual cleaning:

I have been attempting to use this plan for a couple of months now, and while I haven’t been able to accomplish everything on the list in any particular week yet, I feel like I am on the right track. I have goals and plans!

Do you have a cleaning schedule? I’d love to hear about it!

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14 Responses to 4 Things I’ve Learned and My New Cleaning Schedule

  1. Farm Girl

    My cleaning schedule?
    When company is coming, then it really becomes a priority. Otherwise, I get serious when I can see the dust or hear Cheerios crunch on the floor. I think I enjoy keeping things orderly, but getting the vacuum out seems like such a chore. That’s why I need advice! I’m listening…

    • Elizabeth

      I agree that it’s tough to get the vacuum going. I know a family who got a very lightweight vacuum so that the kids could easily use it. I like that idea. 🙂

      • We just have a small hand-held vacuum. It’s perfect for our little home,since we don’t have much to vacuum and don’t have much space to store a regular sized vacuum. My almost 4 year old loves using it!

      • WilliamB

        The carpet sweeper (just like grandma used to have) is fine for spot jobs and uses no electricity, unlike a dust vac. But it’s not up to the whole house.

  2. WilliamB

    My cleaning schedule? Cleaning lady, every week.

    (I believe I’ve mentioned how I loathe cleaning, especially vacuuming and dusting? I’m fine keeping things tidy but clean I leave to someone else.)

  3. Thank you very much for this post and the links. Too bad I just purchase some planner pages… Totally could have used those in the links for free!

    Back to cleaning schedule, mine is pretty ad-hoc right now. I may occasionally scrub the bathroom as I go into the shower. Or, vacuum when I step into something that hurts…

    The truth is, cleaning is very difficult when all surfaces are buried in stuff. I am telling myself to concentrate on getting rid of the stuff and work on your #1 and #2 at the same time. Needing more planning, so that I may maintain while I can actually post some sale, instead of just talking about it!

    • Elizabeth

      Oh, you know I am so with you in this clutter-clean-maintain-struggle! Let’s remember that every little bit helps. 🙂

  4. meg

    Well…I’ve written up quite a few schedules — does that count? 😉
    Still looking for the system that works, but I’ve been very slow to come to grips with how many tasks should be done daily in order to keep things moving successfully. I love yours — it looks very manageable, which is a great way to start!!

    • Elizabeth

      “I’ve been very slow to come to grips with how many tasks should be done daily in order to keep things moving successfully.” I am SO with you on this, Meg!!

  5. I am always amazed at how much I can get done in 15 minutes of concentrated cleaning and decluttering. I like your schedule. A plan is definitely key.

  6. LD

    I am having the ladies over this wk. I have been working outside getting things back in shape since winter. My husband and his friend did all the yards, bark, cleaned the roof and gutters. We had a leak in our skylight and had to have 2 wks. ago a contractor come in and replace all skylights. So between rain, remodel dust, mud tracking in, and the list goes on I had my work cut out to get all the clutter and dust out of the house. Furniture had to be moved for work on skylights and tarps down. Well to add to all that I have health issues and my husband went to visit family. Which was great because I had the house to myself to get it in sparkling condition. I took 1 box of magazines out, and 7 boxes to the thrift store. I started on Thurs. last wk. and I have finished my goal. I shampooed the carpets and shampooed the furniture, did windows, dusting and the list goes on. I am feeling more rested than the other day. My sister came ove two different days and we just chilled out for the day. Which I needed. Oh! did I mention front entry had new weeds and between rain I pulled the most noticeable ones! thanks for you post. I will be making a copy of the list.

  7. LD

    I forgot to mention baskets. Ladies baskets is what I have in each rm. I have my books in one. I have my dvds in one, my cds. This works for all rms including childrens bdrms. If you do not want to use baskets ;at the dollar store and pick up colorful plastic baskets , tubs,etc and they make great storage and looks more designer friendly on a budget to get things off of tables , and place on floors , and organize inside closets. Pantries also.

  8. Here is another easy way to set up a cleaning schedule – a “Cleaning Box”



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