Junk drawer? What junk drawer? Oh! The organized drawer!

I’ve been decluttering along with Simple Mom’s Project Simplify this month, and last week the topic was closets, drawers, and countertops. Well, since I focused on the countertops already (and my counters still look pretty good, by the way!), I turned to the junk drawer. That seemed like just the right speed for me last week: 1 drawer.

Here’s what we were working with:

I know it looks maybe a little like a trash drawer, but really, there’s some good junk there. I piled it all up on my nice clean kitchen island and started sorting.

Mr. RSS deemed me to be a rock star for finding the plug for our rechargeable work light. Ella was thrilled that I found her little black Lego hat. See how decluttering and organizing makes everyone so happy?

I knew that I needed to do some containerizing to um, contain some of these items in an organized way, so I went on a little search to find some things that would work. I am always able to find something around the house. Most of what I found was from The Crazy Cabinet of Avalanche-Ready Food Storage Containers. Perfect.

And of course some things I put in other places that made more sense and some things I tossed or recycled.

Now for the napkin notes. I love making these for my little girl to find at lunch. And they so often seem to come back in the lunchbox still clean (just maybe a little wrinkled), so sometimes I save them and use them again on a busy day. Plus I’m turning a napkin into a sentimental thing, so that sort of makes me want to keep it, too.  I had way more than I thought in there, though. I took some pictures, and I think this will help me feel a little more free to get rid of at least most of them. Maybe save a few?

Here are some examples of what I found:


Sometimes I use them as a flashcard, like that 8+2 one up there. The answer is on the other side.

Now I have them by the other napkins instead of crumpled in the junk drawer.

And now….

Here’s the finished drawer!! The organized drawer!

Let’s talk about those twist ties. Are you laughing at me for keeping so many? Mr. RSS was. I don’t know why it was hard for me  to throw those away. I’m sure I don’t need that many. Although I’m sure someone has posted something on Pinterest with a cute crafty idea for these, right? In fact, I thought of one myself. A garland!

Then of course there’s twist tie jewelry. Come on. Who hasn’t made a ring out of these things at some point in their lives? Mr. RSS even made a nose ring out of one. Too bad I didn’t get a picture of that.

How is your junk drawer doing? Do you have anything interesting in there?

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15 Responses to Junk drawer? What junk drawer? Oh! The organized drawer!

  1. Kimberly

    wow! great job!
    BTW. . . It seems I am always looking for twisties, too!

  2. Your napkin notes are so sweet!!

    This post brought back memories of when I was a girl and my mom would help me organize my desk, only to discover I had many “junk drawers.” lol

    And I’ve been saving twisties too, hoping for a great way to use them! Glad I’m not the only one!

    • Elizabeth

      Hey, it makes me feel better that you keep them, too. I’m sure we could come up with a long list of uses… How about controlling power cords and cables, tying up plants in the garden, of course tying partly used bags of frozen veggies and things…

  3. Natasha

    Wow! I can’t even believe that is the same drawer! Way to go! You are so inspiring!

  4. You seriously have the BEST before and afters!

    I save those thick rubber bands they put around certain types of produce. I use them to help me open stubborn sippy cup lids.

    • Elizabeth

      Thanks, Abigail! Interesting tip with the rubber bands. I usually use my rubber gloves to help me open stubborn lids.

  5. WilliamB

    Looking good! Have you considered labeling the containers to others can put stuff in their proper places?

    Using containers is so effective. I have a mini-desk in a kitchen drawer: pens, letter opener, post-it pad, credit card recipts, binder clips, paper clips, scissors. Thrown into a drawer it’s terrible. With clips & 3M pad in a little container; that container, pens, and letter opener in a pencil tray; and the recipts clipped together – it’s tidy and organized.

    • Elizabeth

      I hadn’t thought about labeling here, but I have thought recently that I need to go back and do some labeling with the containers I put in the spice cabinet.

  6. Molly

    Favorite line because it sounds JUST like my sister: “I know it looks maybe a little like a trash drawer, but really, there’s some good junk there.”

  7. I like to call it the “Surprise Drawer” rather than the “Junk Drawer,” because it is always a surprise what I’ll find in there! I love the Tupperware containers as organizers! That is BRILLIANT!

    • Elizabeth

      I love that name! I think I could use that one for some boxes and closets around here. A surprise sounds like so much more fun!

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