Menu Plan for the Week 3/11 – 3/17 Yummy!

Baked Ziti

How last week’s menu went:

I stuck to the plan last week.  Except for one thing. I decided right when the corn chowder was almost done (already late) that I had to have some Cheese Biscuits. I’ve never even made them before, but I decided to make them anyway. I have no idea what that was all about.  So even though we didn’t eat dinner until around 8:00 that night, it was really good.

Corn Chowder and Cheese Biscuits

Favorite meal from last week:

The Baked Ziti takes first place! I used all ground beef and left out the sausage. I may have used more of the various cheeses than the recipe states. Okay, I did.

I’m throwing the Corn Chowder in here, too as a second place winner. I use more bacon than the recipe states. Cook it up and crumble it up as a topping. Please. Turkey bacon works, too. So good. Sometimes I substitute chicken broth for part of the milk in this, too.

This Week’s Menu Plan

Shamrock Cake




  • Skinny Tuna Noodle Casserole  (I’ll top it with french fried onions instead of whole wheat bread crumbs because I’m a rebel)
  • raw veggies and fruit




  • Quick spaghetti and meat sauce: 1 box of spaghetti + 1 pound of cooked ground beef (from my freezer) + 2 jars of spaghetti sauce = happy tummies in a hurry
  • salad or green beans

Saturday – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  • Corned Beef
  • Cabbage, carrots, onions, potatoes
  • Irish soda bread
  • Shamrock Cake – I usually just make a cake from a mix and put green tinted icing on it with green sprinkles in the shape of a shamrock. The kids love to help and it has become a little tradition that they look forward to every year. I just cut out a shamrock shape from paper, tape the paper back to a shamrock shaped “frame” and hold it just over the cake to sprinkle the shape. Easy!
The cake I really want to try is this Chocolate Guinness Cake. Yum!
I’m linking up with OrgJunkie’s Menu Plan Monday, where you can find many more meal plans to check out!
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5 Responses to Menu Plan for the Week 3/11 – 3/17 Yummy!

  1. Your corn chowder looks delicious. I haven’t had that in years!

    I love the line “happy tummies in a hurry.” We all need some meals like that!

    Happy eating!

    • Elizabeth

      Thanks! I didn’t grow up eating corn chowder at all, but my mother-in-law made it for me once and I loved it so much that I started making it myself. 🙂

  2. Your daughter in the cake picture looks just like you! And your cake looks great!

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