My 6.5 Pound Purse

I knew my purse was getting heavy. But 6.5 pounds? That’s like carrying around a 5 lb. bag of flour and a can of soda in your purse all day. My poor shoulder!

So when Rachel over at Small Notebook cleaned out her handbag, I knew I needed to join her!

Here’s the before shot.

Of course I had to take everything out and start fresh. So here it is, trash and all! Look at my 2-year-old going for the raisins. Cutie.

I was a little surprised at the amount of sand in the bottom of my purse.

I got rid of the trash, receipts, and a ton of grocery shopping lists and did a general sort job to see what was there.

You know, it’s the typical things you might find in a purse: wallet, make-up bag, sweet note from my hubby, rock, balloons, 2 pairs of scissors, my Shrinky Dink name tag, toothbrush, socks, paper airplanes, car key from the car I sold over 2 years ago. Typical.

I just realized that I have everything I need to play Rock, Paper, Scissors with real objects! Now why didn’t I think of that before? Oh well.

Here’s what’s actually going back into the purse:

No, no one is going to accuse me of being a minimalist. I’m okay with that.

I really like having small things grouped in clear bags so that they aren’t getting lost and confused in the bottom of the purse.

And guess what? My purse lost 3 pounds in a week!

Here’s my 3.5 pound purse:

 You know you want to weigh your purse  now, don’t you? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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8 Responses to My 6.5 Pound Purse

  1. WilliamB

    My god that’s a scary picture (the one with the little hand reaching for the raisins, of course)!

    If you want to strip it down a little more, I suggest 1) little travel scissors (the sort where the blades fold into the handles) and 2) a pen with red and blue and black ink.

    Now go teach your kids Rock, Paper, Scissors in memory of the Purse That Was.

  2. Kimberly

    WOW! What a difference! 😉

  3. That IS an impressive amount of sand! It’s amazing how fast receipts and random papers build up in a purse.

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  5. robbiekay

    I love “what’s in your bag” stuff. Thanks for the fun post! BTW, I’m always weighing my bag and often top out at more than 6.5 lbs! There’s always the question of, “What am I not using? What can I delete from my bag and not regret it later?” (I tend towards minimalism in other areas of my life, but not when it comes to my bag. I ride public transportation and my bag has to carry me through 12 hours away from home each day.)

    I loved that you containerized your bag. I would offer one suggestion: keep an eye out around your house for any pouches that you can use in lieu of the Ziplock style baggies. My experience has been that those don’t last long when carried around in one’s bag. For example, maybe you have a used Altoids tin that you could use to carry the paper clips?

  6. robbiekay

    P.S. It’s been over two years since I did a “What’s In Your Bag” photo, but here it is. There have been some changes since then, though.

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