Hot Spot Check Up: The Entryway – Week 2 | Shoe bins

Every week I post about a clutter hot spot in my home. This week, we’re continuing to work on the entryway. 

Well, hello there! Wow, it’s been quite a week around here. We had a stomach bug hit us and now I am just trying to catch up on everything. Thankfully, we are all better now, and back to our regular activities. So let’s take a quick look at the entryway, shall we?

This before picture was actually taken on Tuesday or Wednesday:

I admit it! I’m the one with too many shoes here.

I wanted to try the container idea that at few people have suggested, so I went on a little hunt around the house and found these:

I really should have put prettier shoes on the top there. Oh well. It's the real deal here.

Now we are going to skip along to Sunday for a new before picture:

Those shoe bins have been working well so far. I have one for grown up shoes and one for kid shoes.

I only needed to work on things for about 5 minutes to get it looking like this:

I’m happy with that! I do have more ideas for that closet, though. And my lovely readers shared some great ideas in the comments last week. We’ll check back in on this clutter hot spot next week.

Other Updates:

  • I’m still planning to show you some fun before and after pictures from the kids’ room. Hopefully this week!
  • I hope to get the menu plan for the week up tonight. I need to decide what to make with one cooked chicken breast…
I’m linking up with OrgJunkie’s 52 Weeks of Organizing.
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8 Responses to Hot Spot Check Up: The Entryway – Week 2 | Shoe bins

  1. WilliamB

    Sorry y’all were feeling badly. Hope your recovery is swift and complete.

    That row of hooks looks oversubscribed. If you don’t like the way that looks, you could try another set of hooks just for bags. Or you might find that more hooks just attracts more clutter … guess it depends on your family.

  2. Elizabeth

    Hmmm….What do you think about just sitting them on the floor leaning up against the wall under the hooks?

    • WilliamB

      The advantage of hooks is that they are limited in number. The floor is practically infinite.

      For some reason I was thinking about your progress – the weekly items, the hot spots, and such – and thinking how proud you should be of yourself for keeping this up. It’s hard to create organization from disorganization, and to maintain it. A family makes it harder because everyone’s habits need to change. Go you.

      • Elizabeth

        I’m just not sure where to put more hooks, but I do love hooks!

        Thanks so much for the encouragement. It really means a lot.

        • WilliamB

          From the pix I see two possibilities, depending on your children’s height.

          One is to put two rows where now you have one. The bottom one needs to be high enough that backpacks don’t touch the floor. But (in my opinion) the top one can be placed such that jackets overlap bags.

          The other is to put hooks on the wall that is the side of the closet – to the right of your photos. The feasibility depends on how your front door opens, I expect.

          I’m glad your encouraged. As I remarked on Kristen’s blog, I get a sneaky pleasure in organizing other people’s places. (Full disclosure: mine place is generally organized, but not fully or 100% of the time. And the office is never neat and tidy.)

  3. What is in the canvas bin? If that could be gotten rid of the backpacks lined up on the floor could work.

    I think it looks like good progress! Quick maintenance means your system is working.

    You could also try putting the backpacks on each end hook so they bookend the coats.

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