Menu Plan for the Week: 12/4 – 12/10

Vegetarian Taco Salad

How last week’s menu went:

I stuck to the menu last week except for moving things around just a little. The Beef and Bean Chili recipe that I tried was spicier than I thought it would be, but we liked it (it was a bit too spicy for the kids). I’ll make a milder version next time and just put hot sauce on the table.

Favorite meal from last week:

I think it’s a toss up between homemade pizza night  (I use this crust recipe, with part whole wheat flour and I knead the dough after mixing.)  and the Vegetarian taco salad.

Homemade Pizza Night

This Week’s Menu Plan


  • Pork Fried Rice using a leftover pork chop from last week and some leftover brown rice. I usually look at these 2 recipes: House Fried Rice/Pork Fried Rice and kind of wing it from there based on what I have on hand.



  • We’ve been invited to a dinner party where we’ll get to see friends who are visiting from out of town and meet some new friends. Sweet!




  • Not quite sure what will happen with dinner yet, but we will be with friends.  🙂


  • Pizza Penne Bake I’ll double the recipe to bring one to a potluck on Sunday. What is with all of this thinking ahead/planning ahead this week?! I don’t know, but I like it! I think my blog is a good influence on me. 
  • raw veggies and/or fruit


Other Updates:
  • I have some fun before and after pictures to show you from the kids’ room later this week…
  • My 7-year-old daughter cleaned up the living room this morning before any adults were even out of bed. What a blessing!

I’m linking up with OrgJunkie’s Menu Plan Monday, where you can find many more meal plans to check out!

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  1. Nice presentation on those carrots and celery!

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