Hot Spot Check Up: The Entryway | Week 1

Every week I post about a clutter hot spot in my home. This week I’m looking at the entryway. Actually, I needed to do more than just look at it. 

Isn’t it so nice to come home, take of your coat, and kick off your shoes? That’s what we like to do.


It’s just so nice to have your coat and shoes right by the door so that you can just put them on as you walk out the door.

What’s not nice is that there are 5 of us doing this in a rather small space, and with more than one pair of shoes each. They do start to accumulate, don’t they?

I picked the entryway this week because it was just driving me crazy and causing us to waste time as people tried to dig through a pile of shoes and coats before leaving the house. It was driving us all crazy I suppose, so I knew it would bless my family if I could work on fixing it up.

I started out setting the timer for 15 min, just to see how far I could get. I was able to pretty much get everything sorted in 15 min.

These are all of the shoes that were in and around that closet.

Here’s the laundry pile, kitchen, and trash/recycling.

And these were the things heading upstairs.

This is a large pile of give away/sell/return-type stuff. Some of it is leftovers from the yard sale. It’s all still there right now, but maybe we can deal with it this weekend.

The next step was removing items that didn’t belong there or that we don’t need/want at all, and organizing what was left. Gee, seems so simple sometimes. Our current rule is that each person can keep 1 or 2 pairs of shoes in that closet. So, we’re back to that maintenance problem again, because we obviously haven’t been following that rule very well.  The kids helped deliver all of the extra shoes and things to their proper places.

And here’s the after picture!

And here’s a peek into the closet.

Much better! I’m thinking I’ll stick with this hot spot for at least a couple more weeks to see how things are going. Plus I have some ideas that might help that coat closet.

Is your entryway a clutter hot spot, too? If you have any tips or ideas to share, I’m all ears!

I’m linking up at OrgJunkie’s 52 Weeks of Organizing!

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18 Responses to Hot Spot Check Up: The Entryway | Week 1

  1. How about installing one of those hangs off the back (inside of the closet) shoe pouch gizmos? I think most hold 10 pairs of shoes and they sometimes have 2 extra pouches on the bottom for gloves, etc. A low shelf unit would help to in order to maximize the space there. I’d look for/create a simple, rectangular box so that there were 2 shelves. Good job cleaning/straightening up. Really made a big difference! : )

    • Elizabeth

      Thanks, Carol! Those are good ideas! At one point we had hooks on the inside of the door, but they didn’t hold, so now we have holes on the inside of the door!

  2. Looking great!!! Keep up the good work!

  3. It DOES look great! It looks more spacious too!

    I’ve been toying with the idea of turning one of our foyer closets into a more organized space for artsy crafty storage and kids coats. I also use it for the diaper bag and electronics bags. It’s a major multi-use closet. Looks like yours is too.

    I’m thinking about installing a length of wood to the inside wall of the closet so I can have a super sturdy place to hang the diaper bag and whatever future things need hanging.
    Some high up ones could be for hats.
    I’ve learned the hard way that drywall is very weak over time and just doesn’t hold up as a support for hooks and things even with those big drywall insert screws.

    I also wish we had a light in there.

  4. We recently just got a shoe hanger for the back of our hallway door. We all use it (much to my surprise) even the kids. It does scratch the paint at the top of the door, but I figure I can always just touch it up.

  5. WilliamB

    That’s not a lot of closet space. So yet again, I guess less is more?

    If you’re of the strict mindset, you could designate a volume for shoes (say, one box) and any shoes kept in excess of that volume will be impounded by the management.

  6. Sarah

    We have a terrible entry problem also…3 kids and two adults. I saw on the Young House Love blog they used recycling bins from Ikea for shoes. I went out and bought some and it solved all of our problems. We have three of the bins- 1 for my husband, 1 for me and my daughter, and the last for my boys. I also put up smaller bind to hold small items like hats and gloves, the dog leash and bags, and I have a bowl on top for loose change and other small random things.

    I love following along with you on this process, I have many spots like you have and it’s nice to know I’m not alone!

  7. Hi, I saw your link on Organizing Junkie so am just stopping by. Wow that is an amazing transformation. I’ve got a few of those clutter hot spots myself and am working my way through them slowly – very slowly! I think I’d better add the entryway to the list as looking at it now there are coats and jumpers hung on door knobs and a mountain of plastic bags that need to be folded into teeny triangles to take up less space (I saw that tip on one of these link party hops). Anyway it’s pictures like this that are so inspirational and to think it only took you 15 minutes. It’s amazing that such a little amount of time today can save so much tomorrow!

    • Elizabeth

      Thanks, Chloe! It was actually just the sorting that took 15 min, and then I forgot to reset the timer for the rest of it! The plastic bags in teeny tiny triangles sounds interesting. I have a plastic bag holder we got from Ikea.

  8. Alice

    What a great transformation! The only other idea I’d have is that it looks like you’ve got a lot of coats in the closet – to the extent that you don’t use them all, I’d move the occasional coats somewhere else (for us, it was ‘fancy’ coats and yardwork-ey coats that got moved out – if I only use it once/month in winter, I’d rather it not take up a bunch of space in a place I’m in and out of multiple times/day).

    I also swear by having bins and/or cubby-like things for hats and the like, since I’m prone to creating scarf-and-glove avalanches, otherwise.

    • Elizabeth

      I agree that I need to deal with all of those coats!

    • WilliamB

      To prevent the glove & hat cascade I use three methods:

      1. Shelf separators to deliminate sections on the shelf. You can deliminate by person, by item, by weather … whatever suits your needs. They’re movable so can change organization whenver you want. Like these:

      2. A bin-and-hook organizer (also from Container Store but I can’t find it online) that is affixed to the door. The most used gloves and hats go in the bin, caps go on the hooks. It takes up about 2′ of the closet.

      3. Pairs of gloves held together with clothes pins. If you want to get fancy, color code them by person.

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