Hot Spot Check Up: Revisiting Kitchen Island

Every week I post about a clutter hot spot in my home. This week I’m returning to the kitchen island, which is the hot spot that started this whole thing to begin with. 

Oh, Kitchen Island, how I’ve missed decluttering you! 

Here’s a before picture:

I actually took a second before picture from a different angle just to show you that I did at least have a small area that was clear… (Am I just trying to make myself feel better here? Whatever works!)

Here’s the after picture:

The story with the island seems to be the same as with most areas I work on. After it gets cleaned up and decluttered, I’m able to keep it looking nice for a while, and then just a few things are sitting there out of place or “just for now.” and it still looks pretty good…

But then those items start to invite all of their friends. And those friends invite even more clutter friends until it’s a wild and crazy clutter party.

I’m thinking maintenance is key. Need to work on that.

I’m so happy to have my island looking clean and clear. I’m a much happier cook with more space. And there’s a more peaceful feel to the kitchen this way as well. And I do have some cooking to do…

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6 Responses to Hot Spot Check Up: Revisiting Kitchen Island

  1. Yay! You are doing a great job, Elizabeth! You have really impressed me this past year! 8)
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Elizabeth

    Thanks, Kimberly!! Happy Thanksgiving back at cha.

  3. It DOES have a peaceful look. It’s still my secret paper clutter throwing a rave in both the laundry room and office!

    Extra props for the clean counters in the background!

  4. WilliamB

    Yeah – maintenance. It’s no fun, is it? Not nearly as sexy/interesting as progress but so much more critical (I say as I look at the garage that I organized 5 years ago).

  5. Kim

    Thanks for showing me that others suffer from the constant ebb and flow of clutter. We clean it up, it comes back… Over, and over and over. I feel better and have tackled my kitchen island. 🙂

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