Hot Spot Check Up: Desk | Week 6

Every week I post about a clutter hot spot in my home. I’m currently working on my desk, including a box of paper clutter I filled up from the desk several weeks ago. 

OK! I’m feeling some good progress this week. Doing the hot spot check up with the desk has helped me to be more aware of all of the paper around the house. And we have been doing a good job of not letting the mail pile up. Most of it goes right to the recycle bin. Yay!

I worked on my paper clutter box for 15 minutes, timed.

Here’s the before:

And I had the papers all nicely sorted, too. Then I ran out of time to deal with all the papers and unfortunately left them right where they were for a while.

When I got back to them, they looked like this:

Hmpf. I had to redo some of it to get it back to this (the box with the clown paper is the recycle box):

Do you see how close we are to the bottom of that paper clutter box?? Next week, baby. Empty paper clutter box. Come expecting to see it.

Then I filed the file pile. Yes!

I put Mr. RSS’s things on his desk. Yes!

And I put the take action pile on the desk with the other take action stuff. Ye….mmm….Okay.

But I did go through the take action pile a little and got rid of a few things. OK, I picked some easy ones!

Then I worked on the desk. Here’s how it looked before:

And after:

I even did some dusting on the desk! Woohoo!

Other Updates:

  • The yard sale prep is going really slowly. I hope to get more done tomorrow!
  • I started working on a cleaning and decluttering schedule for myself! I’ll be sure to post it when it’s finished!


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4 Responses to Hot Spot Check Up: Desk | Week 6

  1. I like to pick the easy ones first too! Sometimes the rush of success it gives me keeps my energy up to tackle a tough one.

    I’m very impressed with the filing. I generally think of filing as a take action activity. But it really only takes 2 minutes to file something. So why do I put it off EVERY time!?

  2. WilliamB

    Good work. I’m all for starting with the easy stuff. Eventually I have to have a “power through” day, or I spontaneously decide to tackle the hard thing that’s been a blockage for me. I never enjoy those. In fact, I have to go tackle a couple of persistent paper piles today. I have done all sorts of useful productive dreary chores in order to avoid those piles (including boiling the used-but-good-condition socks I want to donate) but the time has come. Boo.

    How’s your kitchen island looking? Wouldn’t mind seeing a picture…

    • Elizabeth

      Wow. I would not have thought to boil socks. That seems extra thoughtful. I hope you got to those papers!

      What? The island? Thanks for asking. It needs work!

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