You’ll never guess what I found stuck in my vacuum cleaner

When I was cleaning up for a play date a few weeks ago, I (of course) decided to vacuum.

The vacuum was in the basement, which was the last place it was used. In fact, we don’t really have a good place to keep it, so that’s how it usually works – think of the last place it was used.

Let’s just say it had been down there for a while. I knew that it was down there when we had that flooding in the basement a month or so ago, and it hadn’t been used since, so I wanted to check it out before just turning it on.

First, I checked to see if it needed a new bag. Oh yes, it did. It was pretty much overflowing. I was able to find a new bag pretty much right away, so that was good!

I didn’t take any pictures of that part, because I wasn’t thinking I would be writing a post about cleaning out my vacuum.

Apparently I was wrong.

Next, I laid the vacuum down so that I could take a look underneath.

That’s when I knew I had to get out the camera.

Can you tell what that is? Yep, toddler underwear.

Let me just tell you a couple of things:

1. I normally avoid taking pictures of underwear. I am very into taking “real-life” pictures for this blog, but underwear is on a very short list of items I will move out of a picture. So, I’m making an exception to my rule here, because this just seemed special.

2. I’m pretty sure I was not the last one to use the vacuum cleaner. Normally, I might not be so proud of that, but this time I just feel like mentioning it.

So I yanked the underwear out of there and also decided as long as I was there, that I should get all of that nasty hair that was wrapped around the roller. I used scissors to cut it up and pull it out.

And now for an after picture!

Ta-da! It worked like a charm, too!

Have you ever found anything strange in your vacuum cleaner?

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9 Responses to You’ll never guess what I found stuck in my vacuum cleaner

  1. Haha- I’ve never found any thing strange in my vacuum, but I did suck up a large chunk of my hair and it left a bald spot. Really funny actually! I was trying to be all Martha Stewart like and was vacuuming the refrigerator coils and while I was on my hands and knees checking to make sure I got all the dust, my hair got sucked into the vacuum and boy did it hurt! I laughed afterwards and I still vacuum the coils I just make sure my hair is pulled up tight!

    • Elizabeth

      Wow! First of all, I’ve never even heard of vacuuming refrigerator coils. Second, I can’t believe your vacuum was strong enough to leave a bald spot!! You must have a powerful vacuum!

      That is funny!

    • Tiffany C.

      I vacuumed my coils for the first time in 4 years, it’s harder than it sounds! And a lot grosser!

  2. Ha! You totally crack me up!!!

  3. Tiffany C.

    I have a bagless vacuum, so I get to see the socks, tissues, hair ties spin round and round! That brings them to my attention right away!

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