Hot Spot Check Up: Desk | Week 4 | Old Datebook

Every week I post about a clutter hot spot in my home. I’m currently working on my desk, including a box of paper clutter I filled up from the desk a few weeks ago. 

Here’s my desk picture for today:

And….. I don’t have an after picture today for the desk. But I did do some work on my paper clutter box.

Here’s how it looked last week.

I worked on it for 15 minutes (timed) and here’s how I did (That recycle bag was almost empty when I started):


See that pink date book in the box? I had it in my hand, and then I put it back in there because I couldn’t decide what to do with it. It’s hard for me to get rid of old datebooks. It sort of tells about my life for that year.

But maybe it’s not telling about the really important things.

On rare occasion the old ones have helped me with tax information or birthdays.

Now I’m thinking maybe I could let myself keep them for just one extra year. What do you think?

I did take time to deal with most of the sorted piles. But my Take Action pile on the desk is growing faster than I would like. I did take some action on dealing with some health insurance stuff today though!

Even slow progress is still progress, right?

Maybe I wasn’t super inspirational today, but I can direct you to someone who inspired me with her attack on paper clutter. Check out what Megan did over at Declutter Daily.

I have some friends coming over tomorrow after dinner, so you know what I’ll be doing with any spare time I can find! I have a feeling the desk will look a little better by tomorrow night.



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13 Responses to Hot Spot Check Up: Desk | Week 4 | Old Datebook

  1. Lisa

    I am generally very organized and do not keep much of anything. Over the years I have tossed everything except the kids and my hubby :-). The only thing I have ever regretted giving up were old date books and calenders. I vote for keeping them – just make sure you have a place for them.

  2. WilliamB

    Do you put the important dates in your date book (pick pumpkins with kids) or just the work-a-day ones (meet with accountant)?

    How often do you look at old date books?

    What benefits do you get from looking at old date books? How much would it cost you, in $, time, or emotion, to have to find the info in a different way?

    • Elizabeth

      I would say I put a mix of things in there, but mostly everyday appointme nts/schedules

      I don’t look at the old ones very much, but they are also not organized in one place!

      Good questions…I’ll keep thinking…

      • WilliamB

        Try a box? It’s not spiffy and it’s not high-tech, but it’ll keep those items together and prevent them from falling over or invading other piles.

  3. WilliamB

    I find I have to work constantly on the “to do” pile. If I don’t nibble at it every day or two, I get innundated.

  4. Alice

    I like the ‘keep for a year’ approach to the datebook, at least for now. File it with whatever other tax paperwork you keep aside until January (or April 13, if you’re like me), and then you can toss it once the taxes are filed.

  5. I keep old datebooks and calendars. I don’t think they take up much room. I’d keep it.

    Thank you for linking to my post. I only wish my motivation were a little less scary at the time. 🙂

    • Elizabeth

      Yes, scary motivation, but great progress! And scary problem solved, too!

      If it were me, I might have made the bags like that, but then they would still be sitting in my basement because I might want to go through them one more time…

  6. I keep my old datebooks in my bookcase as the only diary I have from that time of life. But I also have really used the notes sections in the back for things like recipes, directions, phone numbers. I even have done drawings in some of them.

    I do also use them every year to help me compile mileage. But past the one year mark they cease to be useful for that.

    They have a spot on my bookcase. But as I am going more and more digital the datebook thing is going away.

  7. I’m with you on this one. I still have all of my old diaries – even the ones where I only managed to actually use them for a few weeks or months of a year. I really should start going through each one at the end of the year to write down any important information (phone numbers and dates that people have come to fix things or doctors appointments come to mind) that I might conceivably need. I’ve always just kept them because of the once every few years occasion that I do need something. The visual aid of flicking through the diary helps me to remember what was happening at any one time. But if I did it at the end of the year while things were still relatively fresh maybe I’d have a better chance of just compiling any important stuff into one document.

    Mostly these diaries are of the appointment variety but I also have the various attempts at keeping a proper journal I’ve started over the years (I also have an attempt of my mother’s from the year she was pregnant with me – she was as bad as I was for writing something for a week then nothing for months!). Now that I blog, I don’t try to do that anymore but I have one diary in particular in a filofax type format that I do want to keep. It’s from the year I did an internship and semester in Germany (my second time in Germany), which is the time I fell madly in love, too. I knew I was bad at keeping a diary but the whole time was too special to not mark in some way so I kept a keyword diary and tried to write down three words or phrases every day that would remind me of what had happened. I don’t know if I would ever get rid of that one. 🙂

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