Hot Spot Check Up: Desk | Week 3

Every week I post about a clutter hot spot in my home. I’m currently working on my desk, including a box of paper clutter I filled up from the desk a few weeks ago. 

I started again with that paper clutter box. I haven’t touched it since last week, of course.  Except that one thing was added to the box. That’s not what’s supposed to happen!


I set the timer for 10 min. and went to work, with the same basic process that I used last week. I was moving a little slower today, so after 10 min. was done, I wanted to make more progress, so I set the timer for 5 more minutes. The recycle bag is not just from this week’s project. It includes papers from last week and some others from throughout the week.


I gave myself 15 minutes to deal with my little piles and work on the desk itself. I was so excited to get to work on the desk, that I forgot to take a before picture, but here’s how it looked after that 15 minutes, plus I went just a few minutes over.


My Take Action pile is there to the right of the computer, and some unopened mail is there on the left.

What I am learning:

  • I need to make time for actually dealing with the Take Action pile. You know, maybe I should spend some time taking action.
  • Blogging about my progress really motivates me!
  • If I keep the same pace on that paper clutter box, I should have it emptied in 2-3 weeks. I hope I can pick up the pace a little more!

What motivates you to work on paper clutter?

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9 Responses to Hot Spot Check Up: Desk | Week 3

  1. Paper clutter is my achilles heel. I’m mega organised in the kitchen and with food, pretty organised everywhere else, but paper is my downfall! I posted early this year about my paper sentimental hoarding, I have mounds of paper to get through. All motivated I got it out of the cupboard, but have done nothing with it all year.
    I need to address it, I’m not sure what attachment or fear I have of paper! Well done on your progress, blogging sure does keep you on track! I know!

    • Your organization with food is amazing to me! I can’t get over your refrigerator. It makes me feel better to know that you struggle with paper. 🙂 I hope we can both make it through our stacks!

    • WilliamB

      Same here.
      Kitchen? Hyperorganized and I know the contents so well that I duplicate-buy maybe once a year.
      Freezer? All in the spreadsheet.
      Recipes? Cookbooks marked, specific recipes in spreadsheet.
      Clothes? Only as much as fits my closet/dresser, and rotated. Including spares.
      Book collection? Organized by subject matter, will computerize someday.

      Paper? Not so much. Best I can manage is mitigated chaos. Damn stuff accumulates, even after I stripped down the magazines to my bare minimum and got off junk mail lists. My most successful method is to divide into piles and take it one at a time (kinda like your 10 min at a time) but I’ve come to accept that my desk will never be clean.

  2. Your “taking action” comment cracked me up! There is something rewarding about “taking action!” Maybe prioritize your pile, then tackle one a day?

    8) Your desk looks great!

  3. I started my clutter office more then one week ago and I still can put in order! Just got to know is the hardest part from the house…everything seems to have more value or future use! At least when u finish comes the easiest part 🙂

    Good luck,

    Take Care


  4. WilliamB

    It seems that the short-timed timer system is working for you. A next step for you to consider is doing one session every day.

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  6. What is it about paper clutter that makes it SO hard to control!

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