Play Date Clean Up | Before and After!

A couple of weeks ago I invited my MOPS group over for a play date. Doing things like that is a stretch for me, mostly because my home is not usually ready to be seen by the outside world. But I love having people over. I love connecting with people and having good conversations.

And I think it’s important to connect with people in person, and not just through email or Facebook.

I also know that inviting people over motivates me to clean.

I focused on the main floor of our home, which includes our living room, kitchen, and powder room. I was just hoping that there would be no desire or need for the guests to explore further.

I took lots of before and after shots, so here we go:


After (Yes, there is some hidden clutter here. I’m sooo sneaky.):


After (This project was done by the marvelous Mr. RSS.):

Living Room Before:

Living Room After:

Closet Area Before (This is actually taken mid-clean-up):

Closet Area After (This is one of my favorites!):

And I promise I didn’t just jam everything into that closet!



Kitchen Before:

Kitchen After:

And if you are looking for a yummy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffin recipe, my friend Kristen over at The Fugal Girl can help you out!

The play date was fun!


  • Starting early was important, and helped a lot! Of course, things weren’t perfect, and I acted like a crazy lady for the last hour before they arrived. I know if everything was maintained better, that would make it much easier…. we’re working on it… slowly… and that’s OK.
  • I didn’t know where to start, so I just started by the front door. It worked.
  • I tried to focus on having some cleared horizontal surfaces. I learned this from my sister, and Rachel over at Small Notebook wrote a nice post on the topic. Any cleared surface really helps!
  • I want my home to be welcoming, not scary. I think I achieved that goal.

Other Updates:

  • I swept the floor while I was on the phone this week, without even thinking about it. Strange, but good!
  • I’m thinking about an experiment where I make myself go to bed at 10:00 PM for an entire week no matter what and see how it impacts my productivity.

I’m linking up with Orgjunkie’s 52 Weeks of Organizing!


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9 Responses to Play Date Clean Up | Before and After!

  1. Wow! Great job, Elizabeth! 8)

  2. Tiffany C.

    My favorite picture is the one that your husband uncovered your wedding picture. That put a smile on my face. And I bet the picture puts a smile on yours and your hubby’s! It’s the little things I guess. You did a great job!! My husband is very good about horizontal surfaces, and I tend to criticize the fact that I can’t even walk across the floor without stepping on something, so who cares if there is a shelf clean?! But I think you are right, it does help people feel more welcome, I should keep my mouth shut I guess!

  3. Kathlynn

    Love this post! Great job, Elizabeth. I’m a fan of clear horizontal surfaces, too ….not that you could tell to look at my house! : ) It’s a process. I’m excited to show off my newly cleared out kitchen! Need to check and see if I remembered to capture a few photo’s before. If so, I’ll snap some “after” shots too and share. Looking forward to this week’s menu and Hot Spot check up… Have a great week!

  4. Amazing before and after!

    I actually have so many horizontal surfaces to work on that it may take a few weeks before they are reasonably cleared…

  5. Sarah Godwin

    Awesome! Love the before and after pictures and your celebration of progress. As Flylady says, “Progress, not perfection.” Glad you were able to have a welcoming home and a good time of fellowship. We had a birthday party Saturday, which though not as organized as I had hoped and tried to plan, was a fun time for all. Never mind that I had not finished decluttering my counter and was still decorating the cake when guests arrived. I and my home are works in progress!

  6. great job! I have to do some cleaning like that between now and next week since we are having a party

  7. Hosting a playdate is my favorite motivation to clean! Looks great!

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