Ten Ways to Waste Food

Well, I’m still working on cleaning out my refrigerator and pantry, but I was inspired to write this post in the meantime. I hope to be back by Saturday night to post some great after pictures of the refrigerator and pantry!!

10 Ways to Waste Food

1. Never clean out your refrigerator. It’s scary in there.

2. If you see that something has been around a while and needs to be eaten, take it out and look at it. Think about what you could do with it. Then, put it back in the fridge so that you can think about it for a few more days. Repeat.

3. When you come home from grocery shopping, just push everything in the refrigerator to the back and put the new stuff in the front.

4. If something is on sale, or free, but you have no idea what to do with it, grab it!

5. If something in the pantry is near its expiration date, THINK about eating it soon, or donating it to someone who will eat it. When you notice it again and see that it has now expired, feel guilty. Every time you notice it for the next few years, feel even more guilty.

6. Don’t make a menu plan. Don’t you dare.

7. Buy lots of things that you wouldn’t normally buy or eat. Hey, it looks interesting and maybe even healthy!

8. Don’t make shopping lists, and definitely don’t take inventory of what you have before grocery shopping. Who has time for that nonsense anyway?

9. Store leftovers in opaque containers. DO NOT LABEL.

10. If you already have a type of fresh produce, like strawberries, and you buy more before the first container is done, just go ahead and eat the newer ones first. The newer ones look so much fresher and tastier! I’m sure you’ll go back to eat the older ones later in the week.

Do you have a favorite? Do you have one to add to the list?

I’m linking up with The Frugal Girl’s Food Waste Friday.

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31 Responses to Ten Ways to Waste Food

  1. #3 and #10 are cracking me up!

  2. Karrie

    To add to number 7. Make the stuff and deide you don’t like it and throw out the meal. Then the next time you see the same item on sale buy it again thinking well maybe it needs a second chance.

  3. This is hilarious! I love #2, #4 and #10. Especially #10!

  4. Excellent! You have inspired me to cut up and freeze my “soft” red peppers that are sitting on my counter now….

  5. This is hilarious–love it! I especially love #6 and #5. You should add to #5 that if you bought it on vacation as a reminder of the “local flavor” you should really eat it up now and not save it as a “souvenir” (that’s what I’m guilty of–ack!)

  6. Farm Girl

    When the home-made jam jar sticks to the shelf, it is safer to leave it there. Removing it might break the glass shelf.

  7. Never look at the condiments on the door. You’ll need that bottle of fish sauce for a recipe some day…and nobody will be able tell if it’s expired anyway.

    (LOVE this, by the way. And simplifying and decluttering are jobs I love to watch other people do and pretend that means I’ve done it myself, so I can’t wait to go through your posts and see what happens.)

  8. Very Funny and guilty of most 🙂

  9. WilliamB

    Keep too much food on hand, so it’ll go bad before you can eat it.

    Re #5: very few pantry foods actually go bad. It might not taste as good, but the so-called expiration dates are manufacturer’s inventions.

  10. Use your vegetable drawers as “cold storage” and fill them as full as possible with onions and potatoes, preferably so full that you can’t really even open the drawers.

    I “found” some sweet potatoes that I had been storing for a special occasion two weeks ago… they had met a moldy, liquidy demise.

  11. robbiekay

    Love numbers 2 & 5. . .they hit close to home!

    P.S. Came here via The Frugal Girl.

  12. Buy tons of food, but insist “ther is nothing to eat” and go out. Bring home giant foam cartons. Allow them to sit until sketchy.

    Also… Get all gung ho about something like batch cooking, cook and freeze a bunch of meals but don’t thaw and cook them. Ever. Toss when item has become encased in a shell of freezer burn fuzzies.

    • WilliamB

      This reminds me of another way to waste food. Never write what’s inside the foam carton, on the outside.

      (As you maybe able to tell, I’m enjoying this list.)

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  14. Jan

    Make a meal plan and shop for it, plus lots more. Then go out to eat lots, as the week is so tiring. Bring home doggy bags from all the restaurants and put them in the fridge.

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