Project: Simplify: Things I found in my closet

I’ve been working on my closet/wardrobe with Project: Simplify this week and I thought I would take this little break to show you a few things I found well, under the pile of clothes that was actually blocking my closet area.

So, I’m trying to decide if I should keep these sandals….

Just Kidding! Did I scare you? They are now in the toss box!!!


Do you keep these kinds of things in your closet, too? You never know when you are going to need a drinking straw or toy butterfly while you are getting dressed in the morning!

And last but not least…..

well, maybe last and least…..

I’m pretty sure these are around a size 1. My little girly wears a size 4 now.

I bet you can’t wait for the after pictures on Friday!!!  Still a lot of work to do!! Gotta run….

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6 Responses to Project: Simplify: Things I found in my closet

  1. You got me! I was ready to compose a comment about how you HAVE to get rid of those sandals!

  2. Kathee

    my closet is my achilles heel too. My problem is going between seasons and the time when you need some of those winter clothes out, but still need some fall/summer…. I pull them out, and then don’t get time to get around to it again for months! Then there is the pile of clothes to Goodwill, and the pile of clothes to keep and pile of clothes to sell possibly? It is out of control. When my mom was here, I got rid of about 6 bags of clothes to Freecycle and Goodwill! nice!
    btw, are the diapers used? LOL =-) you are doing great and I’m proud of you! =-)

  3. When I saw the tip of the sandal picture, I though maybe the wrinkly brown stuff was packing paper from a shoe box, and that the sandals were new.

    And then I scrolled down. lol

    Good job on getting rid of some clutter.

  4. I just found a diaper recently that looks just like that one and my youngest is 5!

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