5 Reasons why I want to Simplify

This is a "Before" picture just begging for an "After" picture!!

 These are not in any particular order….

1.  I have too much stuff! If I declutter and get rid of stuff, it will be less stuff to take care of, clean, put away, organize, etc, which will give me more time to do things that are really important. And maybe someone else could really use some of the stuff that is just sitting around here! (OK, this is sort of 2 or 3 reasons in one.)

2.  I will save money. Things are getting broken from being stepped on. I won’t waste food  because it is lost in the refrigerator. I won’t buy things twice because I can’t find the first one I bought. I won’t get a fee from a late bill payment because I misplaced a bill or just forgot in my disorganization.

3.  I will bless my family.

4.  I will be a better example for my kids and will be able to teach and train them in this area so that hopefully they won’t have these same struggles.


 5.  I will bless others. I will be more likely to invite people over, and will have more time to volunteer and help others.

What are your reasons for simplifying? Do you have any to add?

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19 Responses to 5 Reasons why I want to Simplify

  1. To save time! I know I waste time looking for things. It’s so easy to put things away, but yet I find that I leave things around all too often. I read somewhere that if you can do something in under a minute (hang up a coat, put away a toy), you should do it right at that time. I try, but I’m not so great at it!

  2. Hi Nicole! I have heard that, too! I think I always feel like I’m rushing to do the next thing, when 20 seconds to put something away really won’t ruin my day! By the way, I love your classroom website! I used to teach 1st grade myself!

    • Thanks! I love your blog. If I weren’t teaching, I think I’d be doing something crafty or something with organization. Maybe it’s the teacher in us (born pack rats) that needs to organize! Looking forward to future posts!

  3. Mr. RSS

    I love those reasons and more importantly I love you! Keep up all the wonderfully motivated progress. Your family is grateful for you and your sacrificial love and care.

  4. I’m in the same boat. Also trying to address it on my new blog (though it’s more about parenting than simplifying).

    Your blog looks good, I look forward to seeing your progress. Let’s get it together!

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  7. WilliamB

    I find clutter stressful.

    I also find that being organized doesn’t always save time. It *can* take longer to create a system and maintain it, than to dump stuff somewhere and only look for things if and when you need them.

    BUT. If I’m organized then I’ve used my time when I have it. I organize when time is unrushed and therefore can find something when it’s an emergency. It’s like a time bank: store time when you have extra, use it when you’re short.

  8. Dede Bliss

    I love Flylady.com she is wonderful help and inspiration to help me get/stay clean and organized. My favorite thing from her is baby wipes, and no, not for babies, LOL, my youngest is 5, for cleaning the bathroom. It’s SO easy to clean the sink and toilet. I try to do it every day, it only takes about 2 min, not quite there yet. My bathrooms are so much cleaner, and takes ALOT less time for my weekly cleaning.

  9. Jody

    I found your blog through The Frugal Girl…this is exactly what I need!!! I am very excited to see your progress and get some ideas on how to declutter my house!

  10. love your reasons! so true!

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  12. Properhousefarm

    Have to agree with the reason ‘I have too much stuff!’. I have lived simply for many years now and it’s the #1 thing to do if you want to simplify your life: get rid of the stuff. Own only what you use, need or love.

  13. Andrea

    This is my first time here & I just wanted to let you know I LOVE YOUR BLOG! This is also the first time I’ve read a blog & felt compelled to write a comment almost immediately. I’ll be back to read more tonight when my little one is sleeping. =)

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